Fingers intertwine in a myriad of thoughts, Emotions arise from previously forgot Two bodies roam in search of a resolution,  Lost to Aphrodite, stuck in delusion  An indescribable sensation roams their being, A lovestruck pair, a bittersweet feeling A fate ordained by the stars, a joke gone too far In the space of hope, despairContinue reading Forlorn

Lonely Saturn

An abandoned planet, no signs of life, The heart of this being painted with strife. Cruel conditions. A harsh reality. A call for help was sent into the galaxy. Stargazing, head empty, nothing but a wish, Longing for the feeling, a day of the solstice. A comet may come, a comet may go, The fateContinue reading “Lonely Saturn”

Below The Surface

Lacking an identity,  Your presentation a farce, a culmination of strangers; Drifting through this world, a shell of a man. Acceptance your jail,  Impressions your warden, Never knowing how it feels to create or imagine. Never displaying yourself true, in fear of your environment. Do you enjoy this? Equating validation to your happiness?  Dishonesty yourContinue reading “Below The Surface”