Poetry Posts


Fingers intertwine in a myriad of thoughts,

Emotions arise from previously forgot

Two bodies roam in search of a resolution, 

Lost to Aphrodite, stuck in delusion 

An indescribable sensation roams their being, A lovestruck pair, a bittersweet feeling

A fate ordained by the stars, a joke gone too far

In the space of hope, despair awaits

What became of those two, but a loveless fate.


The Void

Silence creeps up on you, no sound to be found.

In this noiseless space, where even breath loses its place

Is this real or am I imagining things? Slowly losing my hold, as reality sinks.

I’m trapped in my head, my thoughts my own prison

Lost in my mind, I search for an escape

An endless cycle of love

An endless cycle of hate

Succumbing to life, a victim of the system

Will I ever escape this trap? No one knows this conviction, be it joy or sorrow.


Lonely Saturn

An abandoned planet, no signs of life,

The heart of this being painted with strife.

Cruel conditions. A harsh reality.

A call for help was sent into the galaxy.

Stargazing, head empty, nothing but a wish,

Longing for the feeling, a day of the solstice.

A comet may come, a comet may go,

The fate of this planet, a story untold.

Hear this here, hear this now, as you read this tale,

Saturn may be lonely, but only the stars will dictate whether it succeeds or fails.

– Zero

Indomitable Fate

Some people come into your life for episodes,

Some people come into your life for seasons.




Anger; and


You never know where that road could lead,

Experiencing emotions, you could not believe.

I have walked that road once, it is a sight to see,

Different emotions I now grieve.

It never is easy, it never is hard,

The rain before the storm, the noise before the calm.

I am not yet sure where this path will take me, no one is.

Life is but a mystery, one that I shall live.


A Superficial Existence

A Life without direction,

A Life without substance,

A Life without Joy,

A Life without Sorrow.

Stagnant and deteriorating in this simulation titled, “Life”.

We give labels to this being, trying to quantify it in any form that gives us purpose

Education, Occupation, Positions and Relationships.

Numbers to determine our worth, Standards to determine our fate

The “man” dictating our life on a schedule

Study, Pause, Work, Repeat.

Convincing ourselves that there is meaning behind these actions, all leading to a greater goal.

This endless cycle, with the only end result we’re sure of. 

The sweet release of death

The truth is without all these machinations, titles and definitions we are naked

Brought bare to this world, for what reason though? If I may ask

Hunger, Famine, Strife, War?

Grief, Heart ache, Pain and Depression?

With infinite possibilities there is infinite destructibility

So, what is the goal?

Like the depths of the sea, unknown. 


The Race

In this rat race we call life, there is no escape;

From poverty to luxury

From loss to gain

We are all but humans, we are all but the same

Status, rank, power, fame

All but trivial in this unfair game

Minutes, hours, days, years

Such a short life, yet such long tears

In a world governed by money and greed, material items that grow off a tree

We hold all our hope in the powers that be;

Where did we stumble? Where did we fall?

Our fates sealed by a gavel and a hall

Live, Laugh, Love

Die, Cry, Break

It is all but futile, it is all but fate

As I remarked earlier, again I shall state

In this rat race we call life, there is no escape.


Below The Surface

Lacking an identity, 

Your presentation a farce, a culmination of strangers;

Drifting through this world, a shell of a man.

Acceptance your jail, 

Impressions your warden,

Never knowing how it feels to create or imagine.

Never displaying yourself true, in fear of your environment 

Do you enjoy this? Equating validation to your happiness? 

Dishonesty your elation, Truth your sorrow.

Living through other people, while dying on your own?

This isn’t life, and this isn’t living,

But can you afford to start again, from the beginning?

– Zero

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