Need for Thrift!

Thrifting in its simplest and only form is buying clothing from a thrift store. A thrift store is store selling second-hand clothes and other household goods, typically to raise funds for a charitable institution. People often mistake the reason behind thrifting and how it is essential to community. Thrifting is always viewed through a close-mindedContinue reading “Need for Thrift!”

How to Build Your Style

What is Style? Style in its most base definition is “a manner of doing something”. Now, in the fashion world your ‘style’ is a reference to how you personally dress, it is an art form with which a person displays their passions and aesthetics using clothing as its outlet. How To Build Your Style? 1.StudyContinue reading “How to Build Your Style”

A Superficial Existence

A Life without direction, A Life without substance, A Life without Joy, A Life without Sorrow. Stagnant and deteriorating in this simulation titled, “Life”. We give labels to this being, trying to quantify it in any form that gives us purpose Education, Occupation, Positions and Relationships. Numbers to determine our worth, Standards to determine ourContinue reading “A Superficial Existence”