Grails Part 2: D&G Military Flight Jacket and Pants

At this point, I intend to make this grail collection a series. Every few years it seems as though military and bondage styles and clothing become trendy again. We’re taking it back to 2003 with this collection. Dolce and Gabbana had just released their Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections. It was immediately caught on, the use of military and S&M themes caught the eye of the public and significantly lifted the status of the brand. 

I personally first learnt of this collection in 2014 through a youtube video, though I don’t remember the specific one there were a pair of flight pants from that collection that caught my attention. Every accessory and minute detail served to exemplify these pants. The chain links, a gunmetal belt, metal hardware and a detachable flap over the groin area all added to the beauty of this piece finished with a heavy military fabric. It was simply a work of art that aligned with my militaristic style interest. The last time the pants were sold to my knowledge they went for 1200 US dollars. 

In the same manner, I came to learn of a flight jacket from the same collection. I instantly fell in love. Nylon-made with a padded interior, two frontal pockets, one back pocket, adjustable high neck and straps on the wrist. To finish it off it possessed a boxy oversized fit. These two pieces from the collection serve as grail pieces I highly covet. Most recently sold between the price ranges of 300 to 500 US dollars. Though there are multiple pieces in the collection I would love to own, I decided to limit it to these two gems. Utility in effect can be thought to be the base requirement of clothing but I find it to be the concept that sets aside garments and the foundation of my style. Consequently, my interest in these pieces can be thought of as second nature as these two pieces possess a high level of utility. Similarly, the quality of the pieces contributes to my love of it. Longevity is one of the best things you can derive from a clothing item. Both items would serve as good staple pieces in anyone’s wardrobe.

After learning of this collection I watched the runway show which gave me the feeling of restraint yet release. I pictured myself in those pieces and the fashion industry as my warzone. Despite my current hatred for Dolce and Gabbana due to their past I have to say that this collection was executed masterfully. I urge you to look into these collections personally.

What are some of your grails? Let me know in the comments.

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