Grails Part1: Craig Green Scuba Jacket

Craig Green’s Fall 2017 collection show left a mark on whoever attended. A seamless amalgamation of texture, tone and design. We were immersed into the depths, and yes the irony is not lost on me seeing as Craig himself stated he was thinking about the sea, and its connotations of peril, fear and isolation.

Craig Green A/W 17

Now, I am not here to discuss the collection itself in length, that is for another time. I am here specifically to highlight my favourite piece of the collection. A piece I can confidently say is amongst my top grails. It is their scuba jacket. Ah yes, an item perfectly suitable to where nowhere but the sea. Nevertheless, its cropped fit, heavy-duty wear and customizable fit are some of the few features of this piece I find myself falling in love with. 

The price of this masterpiece is currently anywhere between $1500 and $6000 as it is a highly coveted piece. Only a select few can be found on sites such as grailed and middleman store along with other archive and consignment stores.

Craig Green A/W 2017 Cropped Scuba Jacket

The texture of the tubes lining the jacket gives it a delicate yet rough look, with the metal buckles elevating the jacket. Likewise, as I mentioned before the cropped fit serves the ideal proportions of an outfit to me. With this jacket, we can tell that Craig did not sacrifice the form nor the design, rather he combined them cohesively throughout his collection and this piece. This jacket may be unappealing to others or not as good, however, I believe this is a pivotal part of Craig Green’s fashion history and one that proves how deserving he was of his British Fashion Award.

What are some of your grails? Let me know in the comments.

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