Discussing Subversive Basics

The rebellious reform of basics. “Subversive Basics”, a term coined in April 2021 by Agus Panzoni (thealgorythm on tiktok) in a TikTok video. In this video, she explains the change in how we use basic clothing, such as tank tops, black dresses and so on. Simple garments becoming complex pieces of clothing. This change brought upon the fashion industry was said to be a reflection of the times. Uncertainty and anxiety become our rulers and the restructure of basic clothing was our escape. I will not be giving an in-depth look at this microtrend, however, this article will pose as an introduction and base insight into it.


The layering opportunities ✨ how would you style this? Top by @clarissa.larrazabal #fashiontrendpredictions #trendtok

♬ Caution – Kaytranada
Agus Panzoni Tiktok Video

Now, amongst other growing trends, I have to say that this trend caught my eye the most. You see multiple people every day attempting to make a simple knit top a masterpiece, utilizing creative skills never used by them till today in a bid to follow a trend. Subversive basics pose more utility than previously perceived. A trend said to rebel against the utility, bringing about artistic change to the fashion industry. Likewise, this same trend allows everyone to part take in it as it employs the basic clothes we all have in our wardrobes. In the same manner, that feature, in turn, creates a sense of community amongst all niches of the fashion industry, be it streetwear, luxury and anything in between. In a twist of fate, a rebel of utility becomes one of its biggest supporters.

Some of my favourite brands utilizing this trend are Hyein Seo, Spencer Badu and Dion Lee. These brands have turned basics into statement pieces in an unexpected shift.

I suggest you take a look at these brands if you plan on shopping for said trend. Although, I urge everyone to take a shot at making subversive basics themselves. It is an innovative way of elevating your style. As a result, I believe this trend is here to stay.

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