Need for Thrift!

Thrifting in its simplest and only form is buying clothing from a thrift store. A thrift store is store selling second-hand clothes and other household goods, typically to raise funds for a charitable institution.

People often mistake the reason behind thrifting and how it is essential to community. Thrifting is always viewed through a close-minded lens; people believe they are above buying clothes that may or may not have been used previously. However, those same individuals shop from fast-fashion stores that employ child labour and dismal facilities to produce poor quality clothing. ‘To thrift’ is literally defined as “the quality of using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully”.

7 Reasons to Thrift:

  1. Affordability:

The main reason fast fashion has such a chokehold on society is due to its ability to offer clothing at such low prices. When you look at the class system, 26.2% of the worlds population is in the lower class and almost half of the world (48% to be specific) is in the middle class. Not many people can afford to spend money on good quality clothes, so they do not bother searching in the first place. Although, thrift stores are known to be affordable as well as providing clothes that last you years in contrast to fast fashion clothes that last you months at a time at most. In the long term you save more money shopping from thrift stores.

2. Variety:

Millions of people worldwide donate their clothes to thrift stores every year, from all walks of life. As a result, you end up with the largest variety of clothing from luxury to streetwear. When you thrift, you are open to any and every clothing items. This allows you employ different aesthetics and styles allowing for a steady and balanced wardrobe. From staple pieces to basics, all and many more can be found at your local thrift. As someone who tends to employ different looks and styles, thrifting has allowed me to broaden my horizons in those sectors.

3. Environmentally Sound:

Due to the sparing nature of thrifting, what you realize is its positive impact on the environment. As you buy second-hand clothes, you reduce the amount of clothes needed to be produced by stores which directly affects the amount of pollution resulting from the production of clothes. Disposing of clothes takes a toll on the environment, but with thrifting you can pass down those clothes to other people who would want it. Thus, reducing waste in the process. By choosing to thrift, you are directly saving the planet.

4. Uniqueness:

Currently, in this generation especially, one standard we hold ourselves to is uniqueness, the ability to be different from the crowd. Thrifting is the easiest way to achieve that goal clothing wise. By thrifting you are going to find one-of-a-kind clothes and unknown clothing straight from other people’s wardrobes which you can then incorporate into your own. It is a jackpot of the unknown and unexpected. If you want to find your personal style, the thrift store should be your go to.

5. Supporting Your Community:

Thrift stores exist to provide, retail stores exist to profit. In thrift store, majority of the time you can sleep well knowing that your purchase is contributing to the wellness of others or the society. Most thrift stores donate a percentage of their earnings to different charity organizations which look after the community and its people. Choosing to thrift is choosing to make a difference.

6. Experimentation:

 Thrift stores sell a variety of things, and clothes are not their only expertise. They sell fabric, paint, equipment etc. All the things you would need in order to carry out your very own clothing design or creation. This makes for a remarkably interesting time after the thrift.

7. Finding Steals:

I personally love finding high end clothing at thrift stores, especially being into high fashion it is an affordable way to dabble in that realm. In thrift stores you see various brands, it could be luxury, streetwear or your every day fast fashion. However, what is important is the prices are always marked down compared to what you would find in your average high fashion store like Prada. Now, I am not saying you will always find steals or such brands, but the likelihood is high. You risk nothing by going and finding out.

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