A Superficial Existence

A Life without direction,

A Life without substance,

A Life without Joy,

A Life without Sorrow.

Stagnant and deteriorating in this simulation titled, “Life”.

We give labels to this being, trying to quantify it in any form that gives us purpose

Education, Occupation, Positions and Relationships.

Numbers to determine our worth, Standards to determine our fate

The “man” dictating our life on a schedule

Study, Pause, Work, Repeat.

Convincing ourselves that there is meaning behind these actions, all leading to a greater goal.

This endless cycle, with the only end result we’re sure of. 

The sweet release of death

The truth is without all these machinations, titles and definitions we are naked

Brought bare to this world, for what reason though? If I may ask

Hunger, Famine, Strife, War?

Grief, Heart ache, Pain and Depression?

With infinite possibilities there is infinite destructibility

So, what is the goal?

Like the depths of the sea, unknown. 


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